Departure Sign

So, now it is so far. We stand with our parents at the airport Berlin Tegel and must say goodbye. The farewell is all of us not just. But we are not so out of the world, and also most accessible thanks to Skype and email.

Due to icy wings started our flight with almost an hour delay. But we have enough time to climb to in Abu Dhabi.

Ablug in Berlin

Departure in Berlin

The only problem is, that we sit 30 rows of seats away from each other in the flight from Abu Dhabi. Well, We can ask yes times whether you can not change the. The Nice older gentleman who actually should sit next to me, declared himself ready to exchange with Nicole. So we could sit side by side, also from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok.

Abu Dhabi - Flughafen

Abu Dhabi – Airport

The Exchange was also a severe birth. First I tried our concern the Lord to explain in English. Unfortunately, he could not so good English. But then Nicole was to, It turns out quickly, He also comes from Germany, and we could clarify the whole also in German. Talbot, Sometimes it is already strange communication.

After ca. 14 Hours we arrive somewhat tired and exhausted at last in Bangkok. The long flight and the time difference to Germany 6 hours is still noticeable. Now quickly by the visa control, Pick up the luggage and then take a taxi to our accommodation for the next 4 days., the “New Siam III” Guest House. …